[学术报告]Mechanistic Aspects of the Hydrodeoxygenation of Phenolics over Supported Metal Catalysts2016.07.04


    应学院邀请,美国Oklahoma大学Resasco教授将做题目为: Mechanistic Aspects of the Hydrodeoxygenation of Phenolics over Supported Metal Catalysts的学术报告。Resasco教授在催化、碳纳米管、生物质转化等领域具有很深造诣。邀请感兴趣的老师和同学参加!

    报告地点:50楼A223 (谢克昌报告厅)。


    报告人简介:Prof. Daniel E. Resasco obtained his PhD Chemical Engineering at Yale University in 1984, under the guidance of Prof. Gary L. Haller.  After a period of industrial research, he joined the Dept. of Chemical Engineering at the University of Oklahoma in 1993, where he is a Professor and holder of the D. Bourne Chair and GLC Professorship. He specializes in heterogeneous catalysis and nanostructured materials for applications in energy, fuels, and chemicals. He has been editor of the Journal of Catalysis and member of editorial boards for several periodicals. He is an industrial consultant in areas related to catalysis, reaction engineering, oil refining, nanotechnology, and carbon nanotubes. He was the founder of SouthWest Nanotechnologies, a company dedicated to the production of carbon nanotubes.  Resasco is author of 250+ publications and 40+ industrial patents.  He has received 17,000+ citations. He has been awarded with the George Lynn Cross Research Professorship, the Oklahoma Chemist of the Year Award from the American Chemical Society, the Yale Award for Advancement of Basic and Applied Science, the Janet and Ken Smalley Presidential Professorship, and the Catalysis Club of Philadelphia Award.