【学术报告】Multifunctional Porous Materials and Membranes for Energy and Sustainability2017.01.04

报告题目:Multifunctional Porous Materials and Membranes for Energy and Sustainability
报 告 人:伦敦帝国理工学院化学工程系 宋启磊 博士
Sustainable energy supply and clean environment are key global challenges in the 21st century. Breakthrough technologies and step-change materials are desirable for renewable fuel production and conversion, renewable energy production and storage, CO2 capture and conversion, water purification and desalination. Novel functional porous materials hold great promises for solving these global challenges. Here I will briefly present our recent research on a range of functional porous materials with chemical structures defined on a molecular level, such as layered double hydroxides (LDHs), metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), polymers of intrinsic microporosity (PIMs), and molecular crystals such as porous organic cages (POCs), which are promising for a wide range of applications in separations, catalysis, and energy storage.  I will present our work on molecular design and nano-scale fabrication strategies, understanding their structures and properties, and applications in energy and environmental processes. We synthesised LDHs materials and derived nanostructured metal oxides and applied them in chemical looping processes for CO2 capture and H2 production. We developed various approaches to design and fabrication of microporous membranes, such as polymer/MOF nanocomposites, photochemical modified and crosslinked PIM polymers, and solution-processed porous organic cage membranes, and polymer nanofilm membranes by in situ polymerisation. Molecular sieve membranes derived from PIMs polymer show ground-breaking separation performance in gas separation and molecular separation in organic solvents.
宋启磊,博士,于东南大学能源与环境学院先后获得学士(2006年)和硕士学位 (2009 年),研究方向为清洁能源燃烧与发电技术。2009年赴英国剑桥大学化学工程系攻读博士,2010年转入剑桥大学物理系卡文迪许实验室攻读博士,从事微孔材料及高分子膜材料研究,于2014年5月获得博士学位。 2013年12月至2014年10月在卡文迪许实验室从事博士后研究工作。2014年11月至2016年7月获伦敦帝国理工学院初级研究员基金资助于化学工程系从事独立博士后研究。2016年8月受聘于帝国理工学院化学工程系担任讲师Lecturer。目前主要的研究领域为功能多孔材料的设计与制备及在气体分离、海水淡化、清洁燃烧、能源与环境催化、储能等能源与环境领域的功能应用。在Nature Materials、Nature Communications、 Advanced Materials、Energy & Environmental Science等国际学术期刊上发表论文30余篇,申报国际专利1项。