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Updated on Dec. 27, 2018

 After (re)joining Tianjin University:

20)  X. Yang (PhD student, Class of 2018), N. Murthy, J. F. Lovell, Y. Zhang. Organic fluorescent probes for diagnostic bio-imaging. 2019. Submitted

19)  J. Song, Y. Zhu, J. Zhang, J. Yang, Y. Du, W. Zheng, C. Wen, Y. Zhang, L. Zhang. Encapsulation of AgNPs within zwitterionic hydrogel for highly efficient and antifouling catalysis in biological environments. Langmuir. 2018. ASAP

18)  D. Moukheiber, U. Chitgupi, K. Carter, D. Luo,B. Sun, S. Goel, C. Ferreira, J. Engle, D. Wang, J. Geng, Y. Zhang, J. Xia, W. Cai, J. F. Lovell. Surfactant-Stripped Pheophytin Micelles for Multimodal Tumor Imaging and Photodynamic TherapyACS Applied Bio Materials. 2018, ASAP.

17)  X. Yang (PhD student, Class of 2018), J. F. Lovell, Y. Zhang. Ingestible contrast agents for gastrointestinal imagingChemBioChem. 2018, ASAP.

Postdoc and PhD work in Berkeley and Buffalo:

      16)  Y. Zhang, J. Roise, K. Lee, J. Li, N. Murthy. Recent developments in intracellular protein delivery. Current Opinion in Biotechnology. 52 (2018) 25-31. 

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       4)  Y. Zhang, M. Jeon, L. Rich, H. Hong, J. Geng, Yin. Zhang, S. Shi, T. Barnhart, P. Alexandridis, J. Huizinga, M. Seshadri, W. Cai, C. Kim, J. F. Lovell. Non-invasive Multimodal Functional Imaging of the Intestine with Frozen Micellar NaphthalocyaninesNature Nanotechnology. 9 (2014) 631-639. 

      3)  Y. Zhang, J. F. Lovell. Porphyrins as Theranostic Agents from Prehistoric to Modern Times. Theranostics. 2 (2012) 905-916. Selected as cover feature

        Postgraduate work in Singapore:

       2)  J. Chen, Y. Zhang (Co-first author), X. Lou. One-pot synthesis of uniform Fe3O4nanospheres with carbon matrix support for improved lithium storage capabilities. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces3 (2011) 3276-3279. 

        Undergraduate work at Tianjin University:

       1)  J. Wang, Y. Zhang, H. Wu, L. Xiao, Z. Jiang. Fabrication and performances of solid superacid embedded chitosan hybrid membranes for direct methanol fuel cell Journal of Power Sources. 195 (2010) 2526-2533.