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As a high level base of talented person cultivation, the chemical engineering post-doctoral mobile station of Tianjin University has been obtaining significant scientific research achievements continuously. The post-doctoral mobile station focuses on the urgent needs and major directions of national construction, and treats major scientific research project or task as the driving force. Post-doctors were appointed as project managers or senior assistants and with the specific works, their enthusiasms and creativities of scientific research were highly improved. By centering for the post-doctoral mobile station and combining enterprises, as well as other institutes or universities, school of chemical engineering and technology actively promotes the academic communication, interdisciplinary penetrations and research developments. This step ensures the enlargement of the discipline construction and benefits enhancement.

In recent years, the postdoctoral work of our school has a growing influence around the world. It has attracted many overseas excellent doctors to engage in the research work, including the ones coming from United States, Japan, Britain and so forth.