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Doctoral Programs

Chemical Engineering
• Process intensification and energy saving for distillation systems
• Interfacial phenomena and computational mass transfer for Chemical Engineering
• Industrial crystallization and particle science and engineering
• Membrane science and technology and environmental chemical engineering
• Technology for new energy and natural resources utilization
• Fine chemical product and new material engineering
• Industrial biochemical catalysis and chemical reaction engineering
• Chemical process systems engineering
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Chemical Technology
• C1 chemistry and technology
• Green production of functional chemicals and new materials
• Biomass energy and chemical processing of biomass
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Biological Engineering
• Bioinformatics
• Bioseparation Engineering
• Bio-reaction and Metabolic Engineering
• Biopharmaceutical and molecular biology
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Applied Chemistry (Polymer Science and Engineering)
• Electrochemistry
• Polymer Science and Engineering
• Fine Chemicals
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Industrial Catalysis
• Solid catalyst and catalytic reaction engineering
• Energy and environmentally friendly catalytic process engineering 
• Catalysis of rare earth and transition metal elements
• Product engineering in catalytic process
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Pharmaceutical Engineering
• Biopharmaceutical engineering
• Pharmaceutical separating engineering
• Traditional Chinese medicines and pharmaceutics
• Drug crystallization process engineering, pharmacodynamics and drug evaluation.
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Processing Equipment and Control Engineering
• Reliability of process equipment
• Heterogeneous separation theory and technology
• Multiphase mass transfer and reaction engineering
• Process measurement and control
• Microsystem manufacture technology
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