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Master's Programs

Chemical Engineering
• Process intensification and energy saving for distillation systems
• Interfacial phenomena and computational mass transfer for Chemical Engineering
• Industrial crystallization and particle science and engineering
• Membrane science and technology and environmental chemical engineering
• Technology for new energy and natural resources utilization
• Fine chemical product and new material engineering
• Industrial biochemical catalysis and chemical reaction engineering
• Chemical process systems engineering
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Chemical Technology
• C1 chemistry and technology
• Green production of functional chemicals and new materials
• Biomass energy and chemical processing of biomass
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Biological Engineering
• Bioinformatics
• Bioseparation Engineering
• Bio-reaction and Metabolic Engineering
• Biopharmaceutical and molecular biology
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Applied Chemistry
• Electrochemistry
• Polymer Science and Engineering
• Fine Chemicals
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Industrial Catalysis
• Solid catalyst and catalytic reaction engineering
• Energy and environmentally friendly catalytic process engineering 
• Catalysis of rare earth and transition metal elements
• Product engineering in catalytic process
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Pharmaceutical Engineering
• Biopharmaceutical engineering
• Pharmaceutical separating engineering
• Traditional Chinese medicines and pharmaceutics
• Drug crystallization process engineering, pharmacodynamics and drug evaluation.
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Energy Chemical Industry
•Energy systems and principles of energy conversion
•Energy materials, including materials for batteries, fuel cells, solar cells and forenergy carriage and storage
•Energy technologies including solar energy, hydrogen energy, bioenergy,  batteries and  fuel cells, wind power, etc.
•New and alternative energy resources
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Material Chemical Engineering
•Medical polymer materials; multi-functional polymer materials
•Tissue engineering
•Living polymerization techniques
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Processing Equipment and Control Engineering
• Reliability of process equipment
• Heterogeneous separation theory and technology
• Multiphase mass transfer and reaction engineering
• Process measurement and control
• Microsystem manufacture technology
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Food Science
• Food chemical engineering
• Food preservation and processing engineering
• Food biological engineering
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