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Date/Time: 10:00 a.m. Wednesday, April 5th
Venue:  Room A223, No.50 Building
Lecturer: Prof. Aleksandr N. Pavlenko, Dr. Surtaev Anton
1. Features of liquid mixtures separation in large-scale distillation columns with structured packing. New ideas and approaches (Aleksandr N. Pavlenko)
2. Heat transfer, transitional processes and critical phenomena at boiling and evaporation on microstructured surfaces (Aleksandr N. Pavlenko)
3. Application of modern techniques to study the heat transfer and internal characteristics at boiling (Surtaev Anton)
Abstracts1:The report presents the analysis of the current state in the field of studying and modeling the hydrodynamical and heat and mass transfer processes in the conditions of mixtures separation at distillation in structured packings. Experimental results on separation efficiency, pressure drop and distribution of flow parameters over the cross-section in the large-scale model of distillation column with the structured packing are analyzed. This talk will highlight the analysis of the results on correlation between the evolution of distributions of local flow parameters in the cross section and over the height of the structured packing and separation efficiency of mixture, employing the pioneering irrigation method based on dynamic control of irrigation rate in accordance with various irrigation laws, proposed and developed by the authors of the present research for the first time. This method is aimed at destruction of large structures of maldistribution of the local flow rates and concentrations of liquid and vapor over the packing cross-section and, as a result, at the achievement of maximal separation efficiency characteristic to the liquid and vapor flows, uniform over the cross-section, in the channels of completely wetted packing.
The results of experimental investigations of the dynamics of liquid film flow in the unit cells of the regular channel systems aimed at creating more effective mass transfer surfaces and development of theoretical models for description of processes of mixtures separation at distillation are also presented.
Abstract 2: The report presents the results of experimental studies of heat transfer and crisis phenomena at pool boiling and boiling and evaporation in the film flows on the microstructured surfaces. In the first part, there is the comparative analysis of heat transfer efficiency and critical heat flux in the film flows of liquid over a vertical cylinder with the horizontal microtexture, diamond-shaped cut, and mesh covers of various forms. The second part highlights the new experimental data on heat transfer and critical heat flux obtained at pool boiling with different laws of heat generation in different liquids on new structured capillary-porous coatings produced by directed plasma spraying. In the third part the experimental and simulation results on rewetting of significantly superheated bodies by the falling liquid films, when the cooled surface is covered by the structured capillary-porous or low heat-conducting coatings, are analyzed.
Abstract 3: This talk will be devoted to modern experimental techniques to study multiscale heat transfer characteristics at boiling. In the lecture will be demonstrated the high efficiency of using synchronized high-speed Infrared Thermometry and Video Recording to obtain the main multiscale characteristics of boiling included nucleation site density, vapor bubble dynamics and evolution of temperature field under single bubble which influence on total heat transfer rate.
About Lecturer:
Prof. Aleksandr N. Pavlenko is the head of Low-Temperature Thermophysics Laboratory of the Kutateladze Institute of Thermophysics (Russian Academy of Sciences), Member of Russian Academy of  Sciences, Member of the Research Council of the International Committee for Heat and Mass Transfer (ICHMT), and the National Committee for Heat and Mass Transfer NCHMT RAN. Co-Editor–in-Chief of the Journal of Engineering Thermophysics, and an Editorial Council member of the Journals “High Temperature” and "Thermal Processes in Engineering". Author and co-author of 306  research works and two monographs.
Dr. Anton Surtaev is the Senior Researcher of the Kutateladze Institute of Thermophysics (Novosibirsk, Russia). His research is in area of thermal engineering, phase transitions and methods to enhance of heat and mass transfer. He is a scholarship of the President of the Russian Federation, a chief investigator in the framework of scientific and industrial cooperation with Air Products and Chemicals Inc. (USA), BASF (Germany) and Tianjin University (China). He is also the head of several scientific projects supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.