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Campus Cultural Activities Held for International Students

In order to further enhance international students' awareness and understanding of Tianjin University's “past”, “present” and “future”, and improve their sense of belonging as well as the pride of the newest generation of “TJUers”, the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology held the first international students’ campus cultural activities on April 8th.

The international students visited the Tianjin University history museum and the school motto “seeking truth from facts”. Through the path of history, they approached and enjoyed the debs and flows of Tianjin University’s past. At the sparkling Jingye Lake, they experienced the ethos of “rigorous scholarship” and learning quintessence. Under the crabapple trees, international students and Chinese students came together to celebrate their diversity and their unity.

The international students were excited to become international students of the first modern university in China, and that excitement was visible as they toured the campus. They were also proud of the recent outstanding achievements Tianjin University has made. This pride moved them to express that they would continue to work hard to become a bridge linking the economy, culture, and friendship of China and the rest of the world.

In recent years, with the increasing internationalization of our school, the quality and quantity of international students in the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology has significantly improved. On the basis of the full English curriculum system for undergraduates, masters and doctors, the international teaching and research training system and the management service system have made continuous improvements.

Up to now, the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology has enrolled 148 international students across all levels from 45 countries on five continents to contribute towards the country's One Belt One Road construction plan and train highly qualified international talents with a background in chemical engineering.