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Zhong Denghua meets with IChemE Certification Experts Group

On April 11, 2018, Zhong Denghua, the president of Tianjin University met with the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) certification expert group, who came to our university to carry out certification work on the Peiyangyuan campus. The representatives of chemical engineering participated in the talks.
This is the third IChemE certification conducted by the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology of Tianjin University. The application certification level is “M-Level” which is the highest level of certification.

Zhong Denghua welcomed the certification expert group to the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology to carry out certification work. He familiarized the team experts with the developments and resource allocation of the school in recent years, including the school profile, the dominant disciplines, and the operation management of the two campuses, especially the dual-class construction. He said that this is the third time of our school has carried out IChemE international certification work. After the last certification, the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology relocated to the Peiyangyuan campus and faced new development opportunities. The college’s frastructures and academic environment have been greatly improved. It is hoped that this certification would clarify the context for the future development of the college and provide good suggestions for development so as to promote the sustainable development of colleges and disciplines.
The head of the IChemE Certification Working Group and Professor of the University of Birmingham, Zhang Zhibing, said that he was very pleased to visit Tianjin University for certification work and understands the overall situation of Tianjin University’s School of Chemical Engineering and Technology. He emphasized that Tianjin University’s chemical engineering discipline is one of the most powerful disciplines in the school's two first-rate disciplines. The dual-class construction has brought about good development opportunities and more resources for the development of the college discipline. The Peiyangyuan campus has brought the college more space, better equipment and growth. They hope that through this certification work, they will have a deeper understanding of the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology and Tianjin University, and hope to complete the certification work smoothly.

Afterwards, they conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on issues of interest in planning and construction of the Peiyangyuan campus, campus construction, and laboratory safety.
The Institute of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) was established in the United Kingdom in 1922 as a non-profit international professional organization for chemical engineering. It is reported that IChemE is the only organization to award Charted Chemical Engineer and Professional Process Safety Engineer status. IChemE certification is an independent, international, professional certification, and its certification standard is the "gold standard" for international certification of chemical engineering.